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Analytics for the Digital Enterprise

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Got Data, Now What?

Combine data (the asset) with science (the analytics) and business (the action) quickly. We want to help. We provide data science consulting.

Big Data Development

Don't just hoard data: Ingest, digest, manage, track and monetize data quickly

Algorithm Design

Traditional BI or advanced operations research -- deploy algorithms for optimal business decisions

Solutions Engineering

Leverage academic theory with pragmatic data science -- build end-to-end solutions

Operational Analytics

Measure and monetize your analytical data lake flexibly and efficiently -- 24/7 -- in the cloud or the enterprise


Metadata Management

Metadata Management

Do you know what is in your data lake?

Data Curation

Data Curation & Linking

Curate and master raw data automatically

Forecasting Analytics

Predictive Modeling

Gain foresight into business performance

Customer 360

Customer Analytics

Personalize customer value proposition

Personalized Search

Search Personalization

Better information research outcomes

Personalized Search

Cognitive Applications

Designed for natural modality

Sample Solutions


Who we are

We are a group of accomplished researchers, academics, engineers, and data-scientists in the US -- that have mastered internalizing data science for cloud-first digital enterprises. The core team of 6 has effected over a billion dollars in revenue for fortune 100 companies, published over 100 journal articles and books, filed over 20 patents, and managed some half-dozen analytical data lakes and a dozen cloud migrations.

Our history


Developed expertise in computational linguistics, information search and retrieval, complex systems modeling, and operations research


Transformed traditional information systems into Internet-ready expert systems


Developed enterprise-ready realtime decision support systems for knowledge management, sales & marketing, manufacturing, and supply-chain domains

Why choose us?

Every business now has access to more data than it can competitively manage with traditional tools like spreadsheets and relational databases. Thus, the allure of building cost-effective analytical data lakes for CIOs and CDOs is too powerful. Frequently we notice these journeys stopping midway to the FUD of big data, data lake, and data science.


We can help. Our experience has taught us enough caution to deliver effective data science and analytics for diverse client needs.


Dr. Loritz

Don Loritz, PhD


Dr. Narayanan

S Narayanan, PhD



Lavanya Koppaka



Seshu Edala

Director, Data & AI


Srini Byrapaneni

Director, Engineering



Director, Delivery



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